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Services - Enclosures & Barriers

Enclosures & Barriers

Protect your investment with secure enclosures & barriers from Midwest Fence

Wire Mesh Partitions and Doors

Wire mesh partitions and doors are used in interior locations to secure storage areas. Ceilings made of wire mesh can be added to completely enclose these areas. Wire mesh is steel and is painted or powder coated. Various mesh sizes and heights are available. For entry, swing or slide doors with cylinder locks for entry and thumb turns to exit. Access control systems are available to complement this product. This product is also used for stairway enclosures.

Chain Link Enclosures

Traditional aluminum-coated or vinyl color-coated chain link provides an economical fence system to secure exterior or interior things such as electrical boxes, dumpsters, maintenance areas, storage & more. Privacy slats can be added in areas where privacy is an issue or to hide an undesirable view. Chain link is available in 3/8″ to the standard 2″ diamond mesh. For high-security areas, select a smaller mesh size where foot/hand holds are not possible. Interior applications include storage areas and mechanics areas.



Handrails are effective ways to increase safety by guiding people along a route, providing a barrier to an area or helping those with disabilities more easily maneuver. Handrails can be used along sidewalks, handicap ramps, stairs, loading docks, as queue lines for crowd control, barriers, or guide rails.


They are available in steel, aluminum or stainless. Ornamental rails, cables, pre-manufactured panels, and vertical pickets can increase safety and style.


Rooftop Security

Protect mechanicals on rooftops and secure rooftop entryways by adding rooftop security. Chain link enclosures provide security for mechanicals on rooftops. To restrict access to the rooftop, razor ribbon, barbed wire, or other perimeter barrier can be added.


Bumper Protection Posts

Protect your investment. Whether it be machines, equipment, or buildings in high traffic areas or areas where they are vulnerable to traffic, bumper protection posts provide an increased measure of protection. They can be permanently mounted or removable. They come in various sizes and sleeves are available to make them highly visible.


Parking Garage Cable Barriers

High tension barrier cables in parking structures are becoming more popular as an alternative to concrete barriers. Barrier cables reduce blind spots that can be caused by solid barriers because traffic and pedestrians can be easily seen through the cables.

Custom Solutions Can Also Be Provided

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