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Commercial Fence

Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Picket | Chain Link | Wood | Welded Wire | Vinyl | Temporary | Handrails


Whether you are securing a site, adding elegance, or both, there is a fence product and style to meet your needs. Combining fence styles is also an alternative. For instance, ornamental aluminum could be used to provide elegance at the curb and chain link in less visible areas for an economical solution.

*For unique solutions see our Specialty Steel Fabrication section.

Aluminum Picket Fencing

The attractiveness and strength of ornamental aluminum and steel picket fencing makes it a favorite as a perimeter fence or for planter enclosures. A wide selection of styles from contemporary to traditional are available. Extra rails, scrolls, finials, or rings can be added to customize the panels. For security, select exposed pickets on the top rail, taller and stronger pickets. Coordinating gates can be fitted with your choice of locks to increase security. The selection of styles, colors, strengths, and heights are many. For areas where additional privacy is a concern, mesh can be added.

Steel Picket Fencing

Ornamental steel fences add style to commercial and industrial properties while possessing the strength to provide security. A wide selection of styles, colors, strengths, and heights are available. For security, select exposed pickets on the top rail. Pre-manufactured panels of steel or aluminum in black or bronze color offer a lower cost solution, however, this item can also be custom designed and manufactured in our fabrication shop to meet your specifications.


Chain Link Fence

Traditional aluminum coated or vinyl color-coated chain link provides an economical fence system to secure exterior or interior sites. Privacy slats can be added in areas where privacy is an issue or to hide an undesirable view. Chain link is available in 3/8″ to the standard 2″ diamond mesh. For high security areas, select a smaller mesh size where foot/hand holds are not possible. Interior applications include storage areas and mechanics areas. Barbed wire and ribbon wire can also be added to the top to further secure your location. See also Welded Wire.


Wood Fence

Wood fencing provides a more natural perimeter fencing type and is excellent where privacy is a must or to hide undesirable views. Available in Western Red Cedar, Michigan White Cedar Stockade, and treated lumber. Various styles of wood fence are available. Elements such as latticework and post caps can complement the fence.


Welded Wire Fence

Similar uses as chain link. Provides a clean look at a lower cost than ornamental iron fences. Various coatings are available. Welded wire eliminates toe and hand holds. This is an extremely strong product that requires far more than bolt cutters to cut through, making it an excellent security enclosure


Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is a low maintenance fencing alternative. Used for privacy or as a decorative element, there is a style to fit your needs. It is available in various styles, sizes, and colors.


Handrails are effective ways to increase safety by guiding people along a route, providing a barrier to an area or helping those with disabilities more easily maneuver. Handrails can be used along sidewalks, handicap ramps, stairs, loading docks, as queue lines for crowd control, barriers, or guide rails.


They are available in steel, aluminum or stainless. Ornamental rails, cables, pre-manufactured panels, and vertical pickets can increase safety and style.

Temporary Fence & Barriers

Temporary Fence

Temporary fencing can be purchased or rented. It’s available in a variety of styles and heights to meet the needs of the application. Temporary fencing is available as portable chain link panels or chain link fence fabric attached to driven in ground posts. Alternatively, fence panels can be anchored to Temporary Jersey Barrier Walls. Heights can be 6 or 8 feet. Swing or slide gates can be mounted to the temporary fence. Wind screen can also be added.

Temporary Jersey Barrier Wall

Temporary jersey walls are concrete barrier walls that provide protection to construction sites and protect equipment from construction vehicles. For a secure construction site, fence panels can be anchored to the top of the wall and gates added. See Temporary Fence. This item can be rented or purchased.

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Bridge Rail | Guardrail | Impact Attenuators | Specialty Fabrication

For highways, bridges, and roads, contact us directly to speak to someone in our highway department.

Bridge Rail

Bridge railing protects pedestrians on overpasses or bridges while also safeguarding the structure, element, or traffic below. It’s available in chain link or ornamental with various finishes.



Whether protecting your buildings and equipment outside or protecting walls and equipment inside a warehouse, guardrail provides an effective way to protect your assets. New and used material is available.

*Note: Used material is limited to stock on hand.

Impact Attenuators

Impact attenuator systems are protective systems that prevent an errant vehicle from impacting a hazard by either gradually decelerating the vehicle to a stop when hit head-on or by redirecting it away from the hazard when struck on the side. This item can be rented or purchased.

See Also: Jersey Barrier Wall

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Swing Gate | Overhead Slide Gate | Cantilever Slide Gate | Vertical Pivot Gate | Barrier Gate


Gate selection is an important decision in commercial and industrial applications. The selection of the appropriate gate and gate operator enhances the ease with which the site is entered. The selection of an access control system secures the site. Gates are available in a variety of materials, chain link, ornamental, and wood.


Single Swing Gate

Single swing gates can be used in a variety of exterior and interior applications. Swing gates operate by swinging in or out. They can be fitted with special door hardware, cylinder lock sets, panic exit devices, hydraulic door closures, or provisions for pad locking. This makes them suitable for exterior applications as well as interior applications including stairwell security enclosures to prevent entry to a building, condo, or parking garage. Depending on the length they can be motorized and access controls added.


Double Swing Gate

Double swing gates are typically used for larger openings, such as parking lots, driveways, etc. They have provisions for pad locking and can be motorized. Electronically operated double swing gates would require two gate operators.


Overhead Slide Gate

Overhead slide gates are generally used where there is limited storage available for the gate in an open position. Slide gates slide on a beam across the top of the opening. They operate well in snowy conditions as they cut their own path in the snow during operation of the gate. They are easy to open manually, can be motorized, and can be fitted with access controls.


Cantilever Slide Gate

Cantilever slide gates provide a more attractive solution than overhead slide gates as they do not require an overhead beam for operation. Instead, they operate using a system of rollers and tracks. Cantilever gates use a counterbalance load bearing design to support the entire weight of the gate as it spans the entryway. This design helps keep the end off of the ground to better penetrate accumulated snow. This design requires more storage area than an overhead slide gate however and it is recommended that an electric gate operator with access controls are installed for operation.


Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical pivot gates are useful for areas where there is reduced storage to slide or swing a gate open. A pivot gate swings up vertically and must have overhead clearance. These gates require a motorized gate operator and can be fitted with access controls.


Barrier Gate

A barrier gate is a single arm gate that includes a gate operator. This is useful for low security areas such as parking lot entry and exit areas.

See Also: Turnstiles

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Electric Gate Operators

Hydraulic Arms | Linear Actuators | Screw Drive Operators | Chain Drives


Gate operators can automatically secure the premises eliminating the need to manually open/close a gate. The selection of an operator, motor strength and drive mechanism, will depend on the gate type, size and weight. For the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, UL325 compliant safety options are available, including photo eyes, safety sensing edges, and vehicle detection loops. Swing and slide gate operators are automatically UL325 compliant. To control who enters your site, an appropriate access control system security system can be added. Gate operators require electricity at the site. Battery backups are available on most models.

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Access Control Systems

Remote Controlled | Digital Keypads | Card Key Readers | Proximity Card Readers | Bar Code Readers


Access Control Security Systems allow you to control who can gain access to your site. Today’s systems are more sophisticated and many hands free options are available. The selection of an appropriate system will depend on the type of traffic, people, or vehicle that will be entering the site. Access control systems allow gate operators to be controlled by Remote controls (using radio technology), Digital Keypads, Card Key Readers, Proximity Card Readers or Bar Code Readers. Bar Code Readers can scan decals up to 6 feet away, do not require a driver to open a window, and can identify vehicles moving up to 25 mph. These systems are available in programmable and non-programmable versions. Access Control Systems require electricity at the site.

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Protect your investment with secure enclosures & barriers from Midwest Fence

Wire Mesh Partitions and Doors

Wire mesh partitions and doors are used in interior locations to secure storage areas. Ceilings made of wire mesh can be added to completely enclose these areas. Wire mesh is steel and is painted or powder coated. Various mesh sizes and heights are available. For entry, swing or slide doors with cylinder locks for entry and thumb turns to exit. Access control systems are available to compliment this product. This product is also used for stairway enclosures.


Rooftop Security

Protect mechanicals on rooftops and secure rooftop entryways by adding rooftop security. Chain link enclosures provide security for mechanicals on rooftops. To restrict access to the rooftop, razor ribbon, barbed wire, or other perimeter barrier can be added.


Bumper Protection Posts

Protect your investment. Whether it be machines, equipment, or buildings in high traffic areas or areas where they are vulnerable to traffic, bumper protection posts provide an increased measure of protection. They can be permanently mounted or removable. They come in various sizes and sleeves are available to make them highly visible.

Parking Garage Cable Barriers

High tension barrier cables in parking structures are becoming more popular as an alternative to concrete barriers. Barrier cables reduce blind spots that can be caused by solid barriers because traffic and pedestrians can be easily seen through the cables.

See Also: Jersey Wall Barriers

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Schools / Parks / Sporting Fields​

Flag Poles | Sport Fields | Turnstiles | Metal Tennis Nets

In addition to the services provided by Midwest Fence, we have additional solutions for schools, parks, and sporting fields. 

Flag Poles

Flag poles are available in steel or aluminum and come in various heights and styles. They include internal or exposed winch and lanyard systems. Decorative top of pole ornaments are also available.


Sports Fields

General fencing needs around sports fields and baseball backstops are available in steel or vinyl coated chain link. Installation of playground equipment is also available.


Turnstiles can be used to secure and control the flow of people through athletic facilities, stadiums, amusement parks, and even office buildings. They provide an excellent means of perimeter security inside or outside. Handicap accessible turnstiles are available. Turnstiles are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel and can have various finishes applied. Turnstile units can be manual or electric and access control features, such as key control or card access can be added.


Metal Tennis Nets

We offer a proprietary woven metal tennis net by Flex-i-Link. These tennis nets are maintenance free, durable, long lasting and vandal-proof. See www.flex-i-link.com for more information.

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Specialty Steel Fabrication

Bring us your designs or ideas. The capabilities of our fabrication shop extend beyond fence and railing applications. Our large fabrication shop can meet the needs of even the largest job. Whether you are looking for ornamental and decorative fences, gates, entry ways, gazebos, or other architectural elements we can help.

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Established in 1947, Midwest Fence Corporation is one of the oldest commercial fence companies installing all styles of fence, guardrail, and specialty items in the Chicago area. We maintain a large fabrication shop that can meet the needs of the largest jobs. Our sales staff has over 150 combined years of experience with Midwest Fence. 

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