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Services - Schools, Parks, & More

Schools, Parks, & More

In addition to the services provided by Midwest Fence, we have additional solutions for schools, parks, sporting fields, & more.

Flag Poles

Flag poles are available in steel or aluminum and come in various heights and styles. They include internal or exposed winch and lanyard systems. Decorative top-of-pole ornaments are also available.


Sports Fields

General fencing needs around sports fields and baseball backstops are available in steel or vinyl-coated chain link. Installation of playground equipment is also available.


Turnstiles can be used to secure and control the flow of people through athletic facilities, stadiums, amusement parks, and even office buildings. They provide an excellent means of perimeter security inside or outside. Handicap-accessible turnstiles are available. Turnstiles are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel and can have various finishes applied. Turnstile units can be manual or electric and access control features, such as key control or card access can be added.

See Also: Access Control


Metal Tennis Nets

We offer a proprietary metal woven metal tennis net by Flex-i-Link. Our Flex-i-Link metal tennis nets are made from woven 11 gauge 1 1/2" mesh aluminum-coated steel, and measure 41.5 ft. long. They are long-lasting, maintenance-free, theft and tamper-proof. Weather and wear-resistant materials for extended life under adverse conditions. Installs easily onto existing net posts. Offers the same true ball deflection as cord nets. Heavy-duty 22 oz. per yd. vinyl-shielded nylon cover complete with center tie-down. See for more information.


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