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Services - Highway & Guardrail

Highway & Guardrail

Highway & Guardrail

Guardrail | Bridge Rail | Impact Attenuators | Specialty Fabrication

For highways, bridges, and roads, contact us directly to speak to someone in our highway department. 

Highway services are provided throughout the state of Illinois and the immediate surrounding areas.

Soft Stop Guardrail System - Midwest Fence
Bridge Rail
Russel Road Guardrail Midwest Fence_edited
Impact Attenuator
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Bridge Rail
Bridge Rail
New Guardrail 2019 Install
New Guardrail 2019 Install
Bridge Rail
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Bridge Rail
IDOT Medallion
Midwest Fence Corporation
Midwest Fence Corporation
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Midwest Fence Corporation


Guardrail is a crucial roadside safety feature designed to protect motorists, pedestrians, and nearby infrastructure in the event of a vehicle leaving the roadway. By effectively containing and redirecting errant vehicles, guardrail helps minimize the severity of crashes and reduce the risk of fatalities or serious injuries.

Guardrail has versatile applications beyond just roadsides, serving as a safety barrier in various environments. Some alternative uses for guardrail include parking lots and structures, pedestrian walkways, industrial facilities, commercial spaces, railways, park areas, and bike lanes.


We offer and install All IDOT Approved Systems/Standards.

New and used material is available. Please contact us for your guardrail needs. Note: Used material is limited to stock on hand.

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Bridge Rail

Bridge railings, also known as bridge barriers or parapets, are crucial safety components that serve multiple purposes on bridges. These barriers contribute to the overall safety and functionality of bridges by protecting pedestrians and safeguarding the structure, element, or traffic below. It’s available in chain link or ornamental with various finishes. We also offer custom-fabricated bridge rail from our in-house fabrication shop.

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Temporary & Permanent Impact Attenuators

Both temporary and permanent impact attenuators play a critical role in enhancing roadway safety, reducing the risk of severe injuries and fatalities, and protecting valuable infrastructure assets.. These systems prevent an errant vehicle from impacting a hazard by either gradually decelerating the vehicle to a stop when hit head-on or by redirecting it away from the hazard when struck on the side. 

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Specialty Steel & Custom Fabrication

Bring us your designs or ideas. The capabilities of our fabrication shop extend beyond fence and railing applications. Our large fabrication shop can meet the needs of even the largest job. Whether you are looking for ornamental and decorative fences, gates, entryways, gazebos, or other architectural elements we can help.

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AISC Certified for Bridge & Highway Metal Component Standards

Notable Jobs Recently Completed:

General Contractor / Project

Kenny-Kraemer AJV - Houbolt Rd Ext

Lorig - Adams Street

Granite - Montrose Ave


Other Items We Install:

  • Pipe Handrail

  • High Tension Barrier Cable

  • Woven Wire Fence

  • Ornamental Fence

  • Chain Link Fence – Driven & Attached to Structure

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